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COVId-19 Cleanings 


Helping companies/homes become healthier environments through our disinfection program for all



Since the outbreak of COVID-19, C&T Cleaning Services has been working with customers to ensure the necessary processes are in place to minimize the risk of infection at their sites. 


Our team of cleaning professionals has the experience and resources from colleagues across the world to provide you a custom solution with the health and safety of your organization in mind. We offer ‘step-up cleaning’, a high-frequency cleaning to disinfect high-touch or high footfall areas. Through our unique solutions, we are able to deliver an infection prevention program to kill viruses such as Coronavirus thus making workplaces healthier, improving productivity and easing the customers' and employees' minds.


Recommended by the CDC and WHO: How our disinfectant system works

We collaborate with strategic partners whose NaDCC based hypochlorous acid chemistry is registered by the EPA at the highest classification of disinfectants recommended by the CDC and WHO to treat emerging pathogen threats like Coronavirus (COVID-19), Candida Auris, and any future threats not yet identified.

The system sanitizes surfaces by spraying a disinfecting mist which electrostatically attracts to surfaces like a magnet. It uses tap water and PURTABS to disinfect with hypochlorous acid resulting in a colorless, odorless, and environmentally friendly solution. 


  • Takes 4 minutes to kill infectious diseases such as cold and flu, coronavirus, norovirus, hand foot and mouth, measles, MRSA, etc.

  • Coating 360 degrees around surfaces with 3X the coverage of conventional sprayers

  • Helps create a sustainable future through safe and responsible chemical usage

  • Offers peace of mind to your staff that they are working in a clean and healthy environment

  • Less lost time due to improved disinfection success rate than traditional methods


Our teams are here to assist you during this challenging time and give us a call at 281.849.3629 or contact us via email.  

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